Negotiating Equity, one of DAI’s projects, presented work from Space the Final Frontier, a 19-day journey to India in collaboration with CEMA and Srishti School of Art and Design in the IT capital, Bangalore. A one-week seminar focusing on space as a concept, locative media and search as more than just a tool, resulted in a series of public interventions in and around the city. Participants collaborated on creating works while filming public protests, recording and transcoding soundscapes, scripting movies, developing solar energy solutions and organizing impromptu public performances resulting in an exhibition at Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore on March 17, 2011.

The Negotiating Equity presentation at DAI kicked off at 14:00 in the Gang, Arnhem, part of a daylong programme of presentations at DAI-ArtEZ. Daily blog posts from from Negotiating Equity participants contextualize the excursion with images and text, presented as hanging scrolls in the space. ‘Chaiwalla’, an itinerant ‘tea service’ on wheels, moved through the installation during the afternoon, serving up Indian tea and conversation whilst distributing postcards with the project’s website:

The past year Negotiating Equity addressed the concept of space and all of its manifold possibilities, investigating experimental and conceptual art practices under physical as well as virtual conditions. Drawing upon a wide range of artistic and art-related practices, some off the radar, undocumented and under-theorized, others representative of art historical paradigms, we examined various exhibition and presentation models along with finding other audiences, virtual or otherwise, implicitly or explicitly challenging dominant regimes of spectatorship all too often considered self-evident.