Negotiating Equity kicked off at DAI this past week with the introduction of the project to the new participants. We were thrilled to have Ade Darmawan and Reza Afisina of ruangrupa from Jakarta make the first of a series of upcoming Thursday lectures at the DAI, as they are in NL for their project at Casco and Impakt Festival. Though the name has not changed the context has- no longer using condemned flats in Delft this year’s project looks at curation as artistic practice and will be played out through TV broadcasting, web-based online curating, publications, print and interventions in Amsterdam. Notions of self-organisation, aspects of the performative, distributions of responsibility and terms of repossession will comprise our field of operations. Guests from all over the world will come and lecture, virtually or physically, along with contributors from n.e.w.s.: Branka Curcic, Stephen Wright, Prayas Abhinav, Lee Weng Choy and Community Museum Project.

Here is my Keynote introduction: NegotiatingEquity2009-10.ppt