On February 12th and 13th I travelled to Enschede and finally met the participants, having only been in discussion with them virtually the past 6 weeks. I introduced my work as an artist that specifically deals with site specificity, artistic residencies and curatorial practice in the form of powerpoint/Keynote presentations while discussing further the concept: Negotiating Equity. Equity in the sense of investment potential, stock and accrued value or assets but also in the sense of fairness: shared ideas, distribution of resources and ideals of justice (fairness) or equality of opportunity.

Thursday evening we were joined by Saskia van der Kroef, a researcher for n.e.w.s., who lectured on the position of the artist/curator in art historical as well as contemporary discourse emphasising, above all else, the importance of curatorial mimetic activity in regard to artistic practice. Friday consisted of getting to know the students and their work.

Saskia donated the publication Manifesta Journal (2002-2005), a magazine in six issues devoted to contemporary curatorship.

Here is an image of an anonymous contribution to VOIDS exhibition at Centre Pompedou, Paris and an excerpt from Saskia’s lecture.