In December I was invited to conceive a project that addresses collaborative curation and the position of the artist as curator- investigating experimental and conceptual art practices under physical as well as virtual conditions. DAI was invited by alumni Jolanda Jansen from artist initiative STeC in Den Haag and id11 in Delft to collaborate by using apartments, which eventually would become available, as an artist residence or place of site-specific works. Tiong Ang and Stephen Wright introduced the project Negotiating Equity at DAI in Enschede, the Netherlands on the 15th and 16th of January as I was in NYC for my Beavers, Wampum, Hoes project at 16Beaver. Tiong and Stephen are both contributors to n.e.w.s., a platform for participatory development of artistic and curatorial projects in contemporary art and new media framed by curatorial contributions from around the globe, bringing together voices and images from North, East, West and South. During the course of the next months more contributors from n.e.w.s. will be guest lecturers and develop this project collaboratively.

On Thursday night all participants attended Terry Eagleton’s and Boris Groys’s lectures on Belief, addressing a so-called a ‘religious turn’ in contemporary society, as part of Now is the Time, a series of lectures organised by different Amsterdam institutions to facilitate a larger, international discourse on contemporary art. Friday consisted of a group presentation of the students’ work with Stephen back at DAI in Enschede.

Here are some images of some apartments at Delft.

DAI-Delft image11DAI-Delft image32